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What motivates you as a writer?

Creating lovable, relatable, flawed characters. I've fallen in love with so many fictional characters over the years, and as a writer, I strive to create characters that readers will love and identify with as much as I do. Whenever I start writing something new, the characters always come first, and I let them tell me where the story should go.

What types of books do you like to read?


I can't get enough of mysteries (anything from dark procedurals to light cozies), thrillers, and romantic comedies. 

How has becoming a writer affected your own reading habits?

I feel like I appreciate what I read so much more now. I know firsthand just how difficult and time-consuming writing a book is, so when I find something I really love, I'm even more excited by what I've read. I appreciate the story as a reader, and also admire the author's skill as a writer.


another day another partner.jpg

PUBLISHER: City Owl Press, 2022

    Officer Luciana "Lulu" Martinelli prefers to work alone. Who wouldn’t, after falling in love with their partner, only to have him up and leave? Unfortunately, her captain, who’s also her father, is determined to pair her with someone. His latest recruit, former Boston detective Dominic Delgado, is turning out to be harder to shake than the others. Dom’s as talented at his job as he is gorgeous, and the worst part is...he knows it.

     Lulu can’t understand why a big-city cop would want to work for a small Rhode Island police department—until he’s brutally attacked after his first day on the job. Dom didn't exactly give up his old life by choice, and some pretty terrifying bad guys want him dead. Things only get stickier when Lulu's ex-boyfriend Rob resurfaces with a far-fetched explanation for leaving her, and an interesting connection to Dom.

     Forced to team up with the man who shattered her heart, her dangerously charming new partner, and even her bored teenage sister home on summer break, Lulu discovers her little town isn't as crime-free as she thought — and that maybe, just maybe, having a partner to watch her back isn't the worst thing in the world.


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