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What motivates you as a writer?

My students are my biggest motivation to write. Their interest in the world around them is contagious!

What types of books do you like to read?


I am obsessed with picture books, but whenever I get a spare moment, you will find me reading adult fiction. 

How has becoming a writer affected your own reading habits?

I read picture books a lot more carefully now. I spend a lot of time analyzing a writer's use of page turns and how they leave room for their illustrator. 


PUBLISHER: MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, 2019

The Pencil Eater hunts for tasty treats but encounters obstacles along the way.  Frustrated by his efforts, he visits an elementary school, where a whole new set of problems await. 



THE PENCIL EATER by Stacey Corrigan and Steve Page might be just the ticket for any teachers, homeschoolers, and pencil-losing students in your life!

I haven’t had much reading or writing time lately, thanks to moving over a thousand miles. But when I unpacked my kid’s books in our new house, his first request was THE PENCIL EATER.


So, what makes this book so awesome?

Teachers and parents have long pondered: where on earth are all our pencils going?  This story offers a delightfully, unexpected answer–told from the perspective of the long-suffering pencil-munching monster itself.

If you’ve ever wondered (and, really who hasn’t?) the lengths such a monster will go to in order to steal your pencils, you will wonder no longer. The story follows the Pencil Eater through the many dangers of pencil-poaching until at least it reaches a satisfying (and delicious) ending.

This book has kid-appeal for days, thanks to Corrigan’s fun text and Page’s lively art. Each page turn offers an exciting new scene for kids to sink their (metaphorical) teeth into.

So, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for a special teacher, homeschooler, or student in your life, look no further. THE PENCIL EATER is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


This colorful, humorous picture book will appeal to young readers and to the adults who are reading it to them.


As a former elementary school educator and early literacy mentor, I particularly appreciated the higher-level vocabulary words the author included in her text. Examples:  Pesky, pried, ambushed, paradise, challenges, massive, and shavings. Defining these words with children makes for many 'teachable' moments.


Children will love the sassy 'pencil eater' character and will cheer it on from start to finish! My favorite scene is where the pencil eater is shaking a salt/pepper dispenser filled with eraser sprinkles on top of the pencil shavings sitting on his tongue. Hilarious.


Highly recommended!


Note from the reviewer: I was given access to a digital copy of this book by the publisher. I was not compensated in any way to read this book, write this review, or post this review on this or any other...


I bought this book thinking that my 7 year old would like it since it's about elementary school. He did like it! The first time I read it to him, he asked me to read it again. Then my 4 year old asked me to read it a third time . . . because she loved it, too. But the big surprise was that 2 year old was also fascinated by it. He even took it to daycare with him one day, because he was so fascinated by it. I doubt that my kids are alone in this reaction. There's a lot in this book to appeal to kids. It's got a fun premise and colorful illustrations. I think the Pencil Eater itself is a very kid-friendly character: easy to sympathize with, even if it does cause trouble sometimes.

5 stars for a kid-appealing picture book story that your kids will want to read more than once. I'd kind of like to see some coloring pages to accompany this book (hint, hint?) because it seems to invite kids to pick up a pencil and sketch or color themselves.

-TERESA T, 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 out of 3 Kids in my House LOVE It!

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