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Where We First Began.jpg

PUBLISHER: Red Adept Publishing, 2019

When Aubrey Harrison wrecks her truck on the side of a dark Texas highway, she wakes up in the year 1836, in another woman’s life—someone who looks just like her. Struggling to understand her new reality, Aubrey connects with Tapley, a handsome cattleman with a tragic past.

As Mexican soldiers begin to fill the small settlement, Aubrey recognizes the first sign of a deadly battle yet to come. A bargain to save her new family’s cattle business leads to murder, and Aubrey is forced to take shelter within the walls of the Alamo, even though she knows that’s the worst place she could be.

The fate of Texas was sealed before the battle ever began, but with it, a new love may now be lost somewhere between the past and the present. An attempt to change fate comes with the high price of Aubrey’s future, but she’s determined to give history a fight it will never forget.




Where We First Began is really a beautiful, tragic love story that blooms into hope. It has everything you could hope for in a great book relatable characters, adventure, tragedy based on real life events, mystery and romance as well as paranormal phenomenons such as past lives, reincarnation and soul mates finding their way back to each other. I really loved this book it was perfectly balanced between discussing the historical events that took place at the Alamo and weaving in fiction and original characters it was really well done. I also appreciated how it accurately showcases Anxiety and PTSD and which can sometimes be tricky to portray accurately but in this case I think it was really great representation. I highly recommend fans of Outlander to give this book you won’t regret it!



Love love love the historical facts beautifully woven into this timeless love story. The ending will touch your soul, be prepared."

-Amazon Review

"Having grown up and lived in Texas most if my life, the history surrounding the events of the battle at the Alamo are in my blood. Where We First Began brought a fresh perspective to this historical event through the eyes and heart of Aubrey. I very much enjoyed the connection of past and present and how this connection plays out through the days leading up to the battle. The struggles and choices she has to make knowing the outcome of this event make for a fresh perspective and a great twist to a well known historical event."


"I started this book with high expectations and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed. A great time travel book, well researched, that encompassed one of the more important events of American history never losing sight of one of the best romantic stories I have ever read."  -- ALDA D.

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