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What motivates you as a writer?

The fun, of course! I love the creativity of making up stories, the joy it brings to readers, and solving puzzle needed to make all the pieces fit in a satisfying way.

What types of books do you like to read?


My favorite books are short stories and picture books, they convey so much and pack such a punch in such a short space. I also adore mysteries because they ALWAYS SHOCK ME! (Yup, I'm one of those people who NEVER sees what's coming.) I've always loved historical fiction, and I've also been driving into fantasy lately, enjoying new worlds every day.

How has becoming a writer affected your own reading habits?

I have always had an on-and-off relationship with reading. I loved when my parents read to me when I was little, so much so that I had them read one book to me until I had it memorized so I could "read it" (upside might I add) to my kindergarten class. Then, I fell in love with TV in middle school, and books fell by the wayside, until Accelerated Reader at school helped me discover historical fiction, my favorite genre: drama mixed with history—swoon! Then school and career got too busy for fun reading time and getting into writing when my daughter was one brought me back to reading again. I read ALL THE TIME now, choosing it over TV most days; I even read when I'm commuting to work, hooray for audiobooks!


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