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What motivates you as a writer?

I want to tell stories that challenge, excite and inspire. I want to give people characters they can love, characters they can laugh with and characters they can see themselves in. But ultimately, I want those who open one of my books to, even if it's only for a short while, fall deep into another world and another life.

What types of books do you like to read?

I work in the Adult Editorial department at Bloomsbury in the UK so I get to read and interact daily with everything from heavy non-fiction to literary fiction to speculative. In my own time I also love to read MG and YA, both for the wonderful, diverse storytelling and so that I can learn from the hugely talented authors currently writing in my chosen field. 

How has becoming a writer affected your own reading habits?

Working in publishing means I now read more, and more widely. As a writer, though, I find myself focusing on the elements that make up a story and, consciously or unconsciously, pulling them apartment and studying them. It's not that the magic of reading a wonderful story has vanished; it's that now I'm also fascinated by the magician and how he's put together his act. For me, the greatest reading experiences are when I'm fully aware that what I'm reading is fiction, that this new world is not and never has been real, but because of the skill of the storyteller, I do not, even for a moment, care.

PUBLISHER: HQ Digital, 2014

Technology billionaire Lex Archer accuses an employee of industrial espionage. Rash things are said in the heat of the moment. When she turns up dead and his alibi falls apart, he becomes the number one suspect.

With the evidence piling up Lex calls former University love Bella to fight his corner . Bella`s law practice is floundering. A high profile case would bring her publicity, cash and survival. She jumps at the chance. Little does she know it could be the death of her.

The Seventeen are watching. A powerful, dangerous cabal of New York's elite led by the anonymous Zero. They stopped at nothing to make their fortunes. They'll stop at nothing to keep them. 


PUBLISHER: HQ Digital, 2015

The trip of a lifetime could be murder… 

When Dante’s best friend Asmir offers to pay for them both to take a bus trip around New Zealand, he leaps at the opportunity. He needs to get away from it all for a while; the recent loss of his uncle, the end of his relationship, even his uni course.

But as they set off on their scenic adventure, Dante and Asmir quickly realise that their trip might not be quite as relaxing as they had first thought. The bus is full, the trip long and the mix of different personalities could be deadly. When events take a sinister turn, Dante and Asmir begin to wonder if they’ll make it back home…alive.


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