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What motivates you as a writer?

Painting, drawing and illustrating have been with me since I was a young child.  My parents encouraged me and my siblings to express ourselves and for me it was through art.

Since I retired from teaching art after 35 years, I’ve been able to devote myself full time to illustrating and writing.  All of my books are aimed at young children but my illustrations are wide ranging, from people to landscapes.  Raising my own children plus all the years teaching mostly elementary age children gave me a rich trove of stories to tell that would appeal to a young child.

What types of books do you like to read?


I like mostly fiction - mysteries, historical fiction, fiction.  I marvel at the imagination and writing talent of so many writers.  Since I am immersed in children’s books, I always am looking at new and old picture books, early readers and middle grade books.

How has becoming an author/illustrator affected your own reading habits?

Being a member of SCBWI (The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) has broadened my knowledge of children’s publishing and increased my personal and professional connections with many talented people in this field.


PUBLISHER: MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, 2020

Amira is a girl who is shy and doesn’t want anyone to know that she loves to write stories and songs.  Amira’s life changes forever when she visits a museum and meets the spirit of Enheduanna, an ancient writer from the city of Ur in Mesopotamia.

Available soon!

PUBLISHER: MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, 2020

Brianna worries about a lot of things: stormy weather, heights, reading in front of the class.  But one thing worries her the most: swimming.  Can she conquer her worries and fears?  Can she learn to be brave?

Available soon!

Available soon!

PUBLISHER: MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, 2020

Shukraan is happy to be going to school as a first grader in a brand new school.  Her happiness dims as she discovers that the other children make fun of her dark skin and her Muslim headdress.  But Mrs. Martin, Shukraan's teacher, knows just how to make every child be accepted.

PUBLISHER: Elk Lake Publishing, 2019

A mother thinks back over the childhood and teenage years of her son, when his innocence and love for life took him on adventures and made an indelible mark on both their lives.

"What a wonderful book! A son is never truly lost when you have wonderful memories to cherish. This is a wonderful tribute to a mother's love and memories for her son. It would make a great gift for any family who has suffered loss. Beautiful." 

~Jennifer T. Amazon review

praise for

little boy, little boy

PUBLISHER: 4RV Publishing, 2019

A young duck, who enjoys things like riding waves, can become quite lonely. Louie didn't have any friends except two cousins, who didn't like to ride waves.


When Mr. and Mrs. Goose's grandson Gus comes to live with them, Louie promises Mrs. Goose that he will be Gus's friend. but, can Louie finally have a friend, one who doesn't think he's odd because he's different? Can being different be all right?

praise for


"This book has become a family favorite in a short amount of time!"

~Eric Henn, Amazon review

"...the illustrations absolutely elevated

the book to new levels! Great book!!"

-Cindy Vattathil



PUBLISHER: Clear Fork Publishing, 2018

Each year David spends time with his grandparents on their farm. There are gardens and other things to keep him occupied but he looks forward most to helping with chores. Specifically, painting their three pink flamingos. When he arrives this year, however, things are different. His grandparents are aging, and David has to figure out how to get the job done on his own.

praise for


"It was amazing."

-Literary Classics

Book Awards & Reviews

"...the addition of Conway's illustrations adds immensley to the story's comprehension and emotional draw."

-Connie Huddleston

PUBLISHER: 4RV Publishing, 2017

Winner of Children's Literary Awared 2018

Just before the outbreak of World War II, the Nazis pushed Jewish families to do something they never imagined they would.  They sent their children away on a train to faraway places to live with strangers so that they would be safe until the danger passed.  As she gets onboard the Kindertransport, a train to hope, ten year old Helen will never be the same.

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