What motivates you as a writer?

I love to write in order to think clearly.  Whether it is my writing for other adults (on my blog), or the picture books I am working on, all of my writing serves to clarify, deepen and solidify ideas and truths.  Writing picture books is an especially careful thought exercise--portraying a complicated feeling or truth in 500 words, and making it totally accessible to children.  It's wonderful when it resonates.

What types of books do you like to read?


I really like books with ideas.  Whether non-fiction or fiction, if they compel me to think about the world with an added dimension of meaning or joy, I will carry that book in my heart forever.

How has becoming a writer affected your own reading habits?

Now that I am delving into the picture book world, I thoroughly enjoy reading aloud the rhythmic phrases, picking apart the layout and page turns, and even copying illustrations for practice.  Everything has become a mentor text to me.  I am also enchanted by lyrical language in the middle grade books I have been reading to my children, and would love to shed my dried-up-pragmatism and clothe my ideas in more elegant and flowing language. (see what I did there?)  


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