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January 23, 2018

An Agent's Choice

Whether you’re heart broken by that rejection email or still reeling in excitement from a partial, full request or THE CALL, many of you may want to know what goes on in the decision making process. Well, I can’t speak for every agent out there, but I’...

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Golden Wheat Literary is a faith-based literary agency with a little bit of a twist.

Manuscripts that are submitted do not need to be overtly Christian, but must exist within the realities of Christian faith. If your manuscript's elements can all be true without any part of God's Word needing to step aside or be discounted, it is acceptable for submission. We have sold books to both secular and Christian publishers. 

Our agents represent nearly all genres and readerships, with the exception of erotica. 

Who We Are


Nicole Payne

(last updated 8/20/2018)

  • Young Adult historical romance set in the Middle East.

  • Young Adult literary fiction about love, family and hope and will make me ugly cry.

  • Women's Fiction involving a Rosie the Riveter influenced story.

  • Adult contemporary about a cut-throat fashion industry and the romance that shouldn't be a priority over creativity.

  • Adult Action and Adventure that centers around elderly women putting down knitting needles and picking up nunchucks.

*Both Secular and/or Christian themes welcome.

AftenBrook Szymanski

(last updated 10/24/2019)

  • voicey POV for MG,

  • humor and mild fright (together),

  • narrated from unusual POV such as time, dust, article of clothing/belonging, etc.

  • suspense and mystery with adventure

Susan Nystoriak

(last updated 10/24/2019)

  • cozies with a snarky and spirited heroine

  • crossover adventure fiction with a touch of romance

  • time travel

  • characters who pursue their artistic/creative passions

Stephanie Cardel

(last updated 10/23/2019)

  • Clean contemporary YA romance

  • Magical Realism 

  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Dystopian (no dark epic fantasy at this time, please)

  • Mystery/Suspense

  • Children's fiction with true historical elements woven in

*Open to YA, MG, and PB writers who also write MG and/or YA.

Jessica Schmeidler

(last updated 10/23/2019)

  • Middle Grade: adventure stories (of any genre) and historical fiction that resonates with the present

  • Young Adult: dark or light, contemporary or historical, but with literary elements and/or a touch of magical realism

  • Women's Fiction or non-category romance

  • Adult: Thrillers/Suspense, Literary Fiction, and General Fiction

  • Nonfiction: survival or journey memoirs, running (or other discipline-focused) devotionals, and something with a contemporary "victory garden" 

*Both Secular and/or Christian themes welcome.

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