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The following is a guest post by author Christa Conklin regarding the value of anthologies, as well as her upcoming debut, TRANQUILITY. 

Discovery is invigorating: coming upon a night heron while paddling a tributary; noticing a brilliant yellow mushroom along a hiking trail; experiencing how the seemingly dull saxophone part is emotionally charged when harmonized with the full ensemble.

When not in the kayak, forest, or wind ensemble, I am leading and learning along with my children. We homeschool, which is an unacceptable term for what we do. We aren't home all that much, and no professional educator would call our process school. We explore, and when we are at home, often find the unexpected - you knew I would get here - in books.

Reading them. Writing them. The discoveries are endless. Uncovering truth in fiction is my passion. It stands out more vividly surrounded by the unreal. I write fiction to explore elements of life. In a fantasy world, I can play with truth minus the burdens and constraints of reality. Fun and eye-opening stuff, I think.

Snacks are the perfect pairing for all things literary. I am thankful for tiny spoon tastings at the ice cream parlor. Committing to a bowl of unexplored flavor is risky.

My debut young adult fantasy novel, TRANQUILITY, will be unveiled later this year. I want my readers to be as excited about getting their hands on it as I was to receive a full serving of peanut chew ice cream. It was so good.

It may not fit in a spoon, but here's a way for you to sample my writing before committing to a novel. My first short story, Moontail, is a fantasy, like my novel, and is included in The Clarion Call, Vol. 3: Unbound, available here: http://amzn.to/2APHVg8

My second is a retelling of an Indian folktale and is slated for publication this month.

Should reading Moontail whet your appetite for another scoop or large sundae of my writing, visit my website and sign-up for my newsletter, which will be the first thing you see: http://www.christaconklin.com/

Doing so will guarantee that you are among the first to know when TRANQUILITY is released and when and where you can meet me at author events. AND, if you've read this far, here's a teaser: TRANQUILITY is a young adult fantasy about a girl who must save her people by proving that there is more to life than peace, and more to death than dying.

Happy reading! 

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