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What motivates you as a writer?

 I’m motivated two fold as a writer. I love to tell a story that someone else connects to, either with the adventure, imagery, or emotion. And I also love the feeling of creating something. If I was a better seamstress or cake decorator I might have gone into those things... 🤷🏻‍♀️

What types of books do you like to read?


I love thrillers and mysteries and comedies. The Spellman files are a good example of all three. I like imaginative tales that pull things together so when you get to the end you’re blown away how things were woven in. LEGO Movies do this in a fun way.

How has becoming a writer affected your own reading habits?

As far as my reading habits, I’ve ventured to new genres since being a writer. I still have the same favorites, but also love scifi and rom coms. I’m still not huge into fantasy, but have found some writers I trust in this genre—it has to be strongly grounded with hard impossibilities for me to buy into this genre. I read more than what’s popular, but I will say most things are popular for good reason. Some things deserve to be popular but don’t have the marketing and funding to draw the attention it deserves.


Con Code.jpg

PUBLISHER: Immortal Works, 2018

When the ultimate loser emerges triumphant in a game of immortal life with a vendetta against the human bent game of life, no one is safe.


PUBLISHER: Immortal Works, 2017

Enter the game to win a chance to be the human intelligence inside artificial intelligence, if you survive at all. No exit.


Killer Potential book.jpg

PUBLISHER: BookFish Books, 2016

Yvette might be crazy enough to have committed the crime she’s accused of, or too crazy to realize she’s innocent.


PUBLISHER: Brooks Books, 2015

You are noticed, you are needed, you are called. The world has need of your influence for good.


Peter Holt is a Hottie.jpg

PUBLISHER: Brooks Books, 2014

Lindly struggles with impulse control and has to navigate mistakes with the help of her family and friends.

PUBLISHER: Brooks Books, 2014

Coordinating outfits and accessories with her friends is Lindly Brandt's favorite part of picture day. But not when her only friends are Peter Holt and Ronin Williams. To make matters worse Ailey who is Lindly's worst enemy is threatening to wear a headband identical to Lindly's favorite purple sparkle band. In an attempt to misplace Ailey's sparkle band long enough for only Lindly to wear hers to picture day something awful happens.


Liar Lindly Brandt.jpg

PUBLISHER: Brook Books, 2014

Only one thing can save Lindly Brandt from her downward spiral of lies to avoid total fourth grade humiliation and there is no way she is going to tell the truth unless it's absolutely necessary.


PUBLISHER: Brooks Books, 2013

O. is a little hippo with big interests. 

She will inspire you to pursue your interests and embrace your quirks.


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